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No matter if your educational organization is a very small institution or a very large multicampus facility, Ace Answering Service knows that each organization is different and requires a customized approach for each organization's needs. All our services are completely customizable, and we can match your organization's procedures and goals.

Read on to learn about our specific services for educational organizations, or contact Ace Answering Service today at 814-231-8223 to find out about a FREE first month no-obligation trial.

Admissions Department Inquiries

When a prospective student calls your admissions department, they're hoping to speak to a live person regardless of the time of day. With Ace Answering Service, you can provide applicants with a 24/7 live answer service to gather their information and pass it along to the admissions department for follow-up. 

All calls we take are documented so that you can track inquiries and response rates. We can even schedule campus visits using your organization's online calendar with changes and new appointments immediately accessible by your staff.

Fundraising Initiatives

Let Ace Answering Service handle your educational organization's inbound calls for fundraising initiatives! Our customer service representatives are trained to handle your benefactors with respect and sophistication to ensure the success of your fundraising initiative.
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On-Campus Housing Hotline

When a student gets locked out of their dorm or needs to report building problems to avoid significant damage, Ace Answering Service can supplement your institution's Housing and Food Services Department with a nonemergency hotline where issues can be taken care of promptly. The hotline can also help to reduce nonemergency calls made to campus security.
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