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Funeral Home and Cemetery Phone Service

For every funeral home or cemetery, courteous, compassionate conversation manners are imperative. During such a delicate time, an answering machine is not appropriate for your callers. At Ace Answering Service, we know how important it is to your callers that they hear a live person on the other end of the phone who can address their needs.

The dedicated team at Ace Answering Service is highly trained to provide the compassionate customer service your callers deserve.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in getting callers the prompt attention they need by evaluating their needs. We also help in prequalifying and dispatching the calls that meet your funeral home or cemetery's customized after-hours requirements.

Our family and locally owned and operated business can also provide personable service if you need a 24-hour secretary for your funeral home or cemetery so that you can focus on other business-related tasks. We will take messages and relay call information to you in a controlled fashion, so your business can grow and succeed.

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Ace Answering Service is a family and locally owned and operated business.
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