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Call Ace Answering Service to assist your medical facility, practice, or organization in being more responsive to your patient needs while complying with HIPAA requirements!

The highly trained team at Ace Answering Service routinely handles calls for medical facilities every day. Our unique call center uses state-of-the-art software and hardware with features designed specifically for the medical industry. Our live customer service representatives are required to go through HIPAA compliance training in order to deliver your patients with the highest level of service.

Contact us today at 814-231-8223 to learn more or to ask about receiving a first month FREE, no-obligation trial!

Appointment Scheduling

With our state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant appointment management tool, you can allow Ace Answering Service to schedule your appointments for you! This program allows real-time access for both our customer service representatives and your office staff, providing you with simultaneous scheduling and current information round the clock. 

Our appointment scheduling program gives your staff free time to tackle other tasks, cuts down on patient "no-shows," and provides your patients the convenience of scheduling and changing their appointments when it is convenient for them.

Secure Messaging Mobile App

Our HIPAA-compliant Secure Messaging App is an encrypted and password-protected mobile message application which allows your staff to receive messages from the call center and send messages between staff members in a completely secure, documented environment. With this app, you'll also receive full audit trails with time stamps, detailed documentation, and reporting.

The Ace Secure Messaging App saves you time and money by eliminating privacy concerns and improving communications between your staff. The app is compatible with all Android, Blackberry, and iPhone devices.
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Client Web Portal

Ace Answering Service's Client Web Portal allows you and your staff to log in and manage accounts. Once logged in to the secure Client Web Portal, you can make use of features that will allow you to edit on-call staff schedules in real time and review any messages received with action documentation.

An upgrade in April 2014 added a hot link to all messages that are listed. This allows you to listen to the actual call recording from the associated messages.
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